Since 1992 we have been committed to creating a company that is centered around the family.  Our company is built around the principal that a family is a group of people who share common attitudes, interests, and goals.  We would not be where we are today without the great sacrifice of many wonderful families who have given their own time and effort in order to build Plyler’s over the years.

Plyler’s is a small community business that is focused on strong family values and the families that make up our company.  At Plyler’s, each team member is valued and appreciated; like family! We care deeply about our people and in return, our people care about yours!  We implement the family unit and the desire to care for others in all we do.

We are so much more than a cleaning company, we are a caring company.

Mission Statement

Here at Plyler’s, it is our goal to safely and efficiently serve our customers while achieving the goals of improving their environment.  We strive to extend equipment life, reduce energy costs, and minimize environmental impact. We do this by implementing the most comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services available today.  We work safely, efficiently, and with the highest degree of respect to our customers and their customers alike. Each of our streams of services are rooted in this mission for greatness. Plyler’s is meticulous in its work and we refuse to leave our customers dissatisfied.

Meet the Owners

In 1992, our father, Dick Plyler, had just sold the family restaurant where we had grown up and worked throughout our youth.  Dad had always been entrepreneurial and was hungry for a new challenge so he packed up the family and headed to a franchise convention in New York City.  During the event, Dad had become interested in starting a commercial cleaning company. Within weeks, Plyler’s At Your Service was formed.  

Dad started this company with 1 employee.  Karen was a hard, reliable, dedicated and meticulous employee, but splitting her time as Dad’s first technician and our mom became too much strain on the family dynamic.  Dad had to make a change in his roster and hired a family friend and his elder son, Steve, to assist. With Dad’s uncommon work ethic, the company quickly grew.

Upon graduating college, Steve bought purchased Plyler’s in 1996 and his younger brother, Mark bought a half share in 2005.  Building on the knowledge and legacy of their father, the sons have continued to grow Plyler’s to servicing thousands of locations in all 50 states.  You could say we have come a long way in the past 27 years!!

Plyler’s would not be where it is today if it weren’t for our faith in God, our loving wives and families, our gold standard Plyler’s family and of course… YOU, the customer.  We appreciate all you have helped bring this company to the place that is in today.  We continue to serve our customers with the same enthusiasm, dedication, and passion as we had on day 1.

Steve Plyler


Years at Plyler’s? : 26 years

Favorite Hobby: Entertaining and being with the ones I love.

Favorite Quote: “Forgiveness is the fragrance that a violet sheds upon the heel that has crushed it”- Mark Twain

Mark Plyler

Vice President

Years at Plyler’s?: 22 years

Favorite Hobby:  Family time which includes farming, working in the garage, and building Legos with my kids!

Favorite treat to get you through the work day: If I am down south, it is the Waffle House hash- scattered, smothered, and covered. If I am in the North it is the Wegman’s meatball sub!

Meet all of our wonderful employees below, or sort by the areas they work in. If you have any questions or want to get in contact with out office, please call: 1-800-213-6160 or email us at: contact@aysinc.net

Office Staff

Douglas A. Hagy

Job Title: Company Controller

Years at Plyler’s?: 2 Years

Favorite Hobby?: Enjoying a variety of sports; including baseball and football

Quote: “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up!” – Jim Valvano

Rick Mays

Job Title: Logistics Manager

Years at Plyler’s? : 11 years

Favorite Hobby: Spending time with my wife Rachael and my two young sons and daughter! Family is my greatest accomplishment in life! 

Fun Fact: I am a huge Pittsburgh sports fan. I also enjoy golf and wrestling!

Greg Holben

Job Title: IT/Fleet Manager

Years at Plyler’s: 6 years

Favorite treat to get you through the workday: there are so many I couldn’t
possibly pick one

Quote: “If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under” – Ronald Reagan

Ramona Kennedy

Job Title: Assistant Payroll

Years at Plyler’s: 5 years

Favorite Hobby: Traveling to visit my children & doing yard work.

Favorite thing to get you through the workday?- Laughing!

Emilee Bonfardine

Job Title: Human Resources Manager

Years at Plylers? : 2 years

Favorite Hobby: I love making people laugh. Whether they are laughing at me or with me, I enjoy it. I also enjoy spending quality time with my family, friends, and animals!

Shawn Cramer

Job Title: Industrial Cleaning Planner

Years at Plyler’s? : 10 years! I have held several different responsibilities within the company before recently starting this position!

Fun Fact: I like superhero movies. I could watch them all over and over again. (I tend to tear up during the “HERO” scenes.)

Quote: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”- Abraham Lincoln

Scott Wilson

Job Title: Plyler’s Customer Reporting

Years at Plyler’s?: 13 years

Fun Fact: Does the fact that I’m fun count?

Favorite thing to get you through the workday? Every day the people here find a way to make me laugh at something!

Alison Cramer

Job Title: Invoicing Manager

Years at Plyler’s? – 8 years!

Fun Fact: My husband and I hope to retire to Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

Favorite thing to get you through the workday? Music and laughter with co-

Kevin Ferra

Job Title: Field/ Safety Manager

Years at Plyler’s: 3 years

Hobby: Hunting, fishing, hiking, hobby farming, gardening

Quote: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who  have been called according to his purpose.”- Romans 8:28

Jennifer Mineweaser

Job Title: Customer Relations Manager

Years at Plyler’s- 4 years

Hobby: My husband and I enjoy attending our children’s sporting events and hosting BBQ’s for our friends and family

Quote: “It is what it is”

Miranda Moorhouse

Job Title: Payroll/ Accounts Payable Manager

Years at Plyler’s? 5 Years

Favorite Hobby: I love to bake, work on home renovations, and randomly help/surprise others!

Quote: “The most wasted of all days is the one without laughter” – E.E Cummings

Brenda Fleming

Job Title: Invoicing

Years at Plyler’s?: 6 Years

Favorite Hobby: Doing Reiki and watching my son, Will race his sprint car.

Favorite treat to get you through the work day? Diet Dr. Pepper

Field Support

Brandon Bain

Job Title: Field Manager

Years at Plyler’s: 5 years

Favorite Hobbies: Spending time with my children, and playing sports like golfing, basketball, and softball
Quote: “Leaders think and talk about solutions, Followers think and talk about problems”- Brian Tracy

Lance Bonfardine

Job Title: Warehouse Manager/ Field Manager

Years at Plyler’s:  1 year

Favorite treat to get through the workday: Beef Jerky and string cheese

Hobby: Anything outdoors, baseball, hunting, buggy/ dirt bike riding

Dustin Collins

Job Title: Field Manager

Years at Plyler’s: 7.5 years

Fun fact: I’m a workaholic. Maybe because I grew up in Pennsylvania, I have the Puritan work ethic.

Favorite treat to get you through the workday: Coffee

Jacob Cieleski

Job Title: Field Manager

Years at Plyler’s: 6 years

Favorite activity to pass the time when traveling: Listening to music/podcasts,
communicating with co-workers

Favorite part about working out on the road: Checking states visited off my bucket list and getting to watch the sunrise and sunset in a different part of the U.S. every trip

Bob Zedek

Job Title: Field Manager

Years at Plyler’s: 13 years

Fun Fact: I have only had two jobs at 45 years old

Favorite treat to get you through the workday: Beef Jerky

Ron West

Job Title: Field Manager

Years at Plyler’s- 5 years

Hobby: Spending time with my daughter!

Quote: “It’s better to offer no excuse, than a bad one”- George Washington


Gary Anderson

Job Title: Shop Manager

Years at Plyler’s? : 4.5 years

Hobby: riding my motorcycle

Favorite treat to get you through the workday: vanilla wafers

Scott McGahey

Job Title: Shop Tech

Years at Plyler’s? : 10 years

Hobby: Just working

Favorite treat to get you through the workday: Pretzels

Jeremy Bauer

Job Title: Shop tech

Years at Plylers? :  11 Years

Favorite Hobby: Coaching soccer

Favorite thing to get you through a workday?: Monster


  • “Impressive service, please thank your team!” Carmella Hauck, Wegmans
  • “Very nice job by you and your crew on both this and MAU-7.  Always appreciate working with your and your crew! Great job!” – Mike Tunningley, Wegmans
  • “Holy mackerel!! You aren’t kidding.  Looks awesome!! Tell all the boys we said thank you!” – Hugo Flores, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Wegmans
  • “In reviewing the work, we all agree that it looks iincredible and definitely worth the investment.” – Rob Griffin, Wegmans
  • “I love the before and after pictures…. WOW! Nice job.” – Lauri Skibitzki
  • “Thank you so much for the pictures.  Your team did a great job, thank you so much for taking this on.” – Katie Widmeier, Wegmans