Cold Case Cleaning

Plyler’s has been cleaning cold cases for 20 years.  In that time, we have worked on all models and types of cases.  Our process is the gold standard for the industry and we work professionally and meticulously to not only improve your equipment operation but to provide your customers with a clean and healthy shopping experience!


  • Start with Scheduling.
    • We work with your team to ensure the service goes as stress free and efficiently as possible.
    • We utilize the hours that best work with your team!
  • All work areas are clearly marked and cordoned off to protect your customers from potential hazards
  • A complete dismantling of the case where all coils, drains, honeycombs, and baffles are removed or exposed.
  • All cases and components are cleaned using 160 degree high pressure water
  • Cases are re-assembled, dried, and wiped down completely
  • All temps are checked
  • All malfunctions are noted and documented on service report
  • All work is inspected with your team to assure customer satisfaction


  • Presents a bright and clean shopping experience for your customers
  • Zero sum service.  The cost of service is recouped in reduced service calls, extended equipment life, product protection and lower energy bills
  • Eliminates drain clogs that lead to breeding grounds for bacteria
  • Keeps you safe from Health Department violations!!!
  • Assists in troubleshooting with complete service report.