Condenser Cleaning / Rack Cleaning

Plyler’s has cleaned over 1 million rack condensers in the past 24 years.  There isn’t a system we aren’t familiar with and have a record of providing services to ensure your equipment is running at peak potential right when you need it most!


  • Start with completed inspection of all equipment, temps and alarms before service begins.
  • 2 Techs service each condenser with a simultaneous top down and bottom up approach.
  • Area around each rack is cleared of garbage and debris to prevent future contamination
  • All water is reclaimed, filtered and reused
  • Racks are restarted, operation verified, and photo record of all switches are included in the report


  • Zero sum service.  The cost of service is recouped in reduced service calls, extended equipment life, product protection and lower energy bills.
  • Protects product from high temp failures
  • Assists in troubleshooting with complete service report
        • Protects environment with water reclamation