HVAC Cleaning

We have been providing HVAC cleaning services for the past 27 years and have cleaned over 20 million tons of RTU coils. In that time, we have serviced every type of system in
operation in every environment possible. When it comes to coil cleaning, Plyler’s are the experts!!
  • RTU’s are disassembled and sealed to avoid leaks
  • A spotter is used to protect customer’s product and environment
  • All coils are cleaned with 160 degree high pressure water
  • We split and separate all double formed coils
  • All RTU components are cleaned with high pressure hot water
  • All damaged coils are combed to maximized air flow
  • All drains and p-traps are flushed and vacuumed free of debris
  • All wash water is reclaimed, filtered and reused in the wash process
  • Provide photo service report with identified issues found
  • Zero sum service. The cost of service is recouped in reduced service calls, extended equipment life, and lower energy bills.
  • Promotes a clean and healthy facility environment
  • Protects facility assets by eliminating leaks, dust build up and mold issues
  • Assists in troubleshooting with complete service report
  • Protects environment with water reclamation

What sets Plyler’s apart from the rest?

Our 20 year history of cleaning coils makes Plyler’s as experienced as they come

There isn’t a system type or brand of A/C we haven’t tackled.  We’ve cleaned systems and coils that haven’t been touched since they were installed by technicians with mutton chops and wearing bell bottoms!  We are meticulous and thorough in our cleaning.  No matter how long it takes, we refuse to leave our customers unsatisfied!  Our company has been built on this reputation.  We aren’t afraid to work harder or longer to ensure that the highest quality job is done and we always honor our price.  Our initial service is often done at a loss, but it is an investment in gaining a new customer, repeat business, and an increase in business within our customer’s organization.  The proof is in our work, so give us a try – you only have dirt to lose.